Idea I had that might be hot garbage:

3 town, 3 mafia. Game lasts at most 3 days, fixed at 48 hours each.
No deaths, no flips.

People vote as normal, at the end of each 24 hour period if the player that has the most town voting them is mafia and it’s the first time town has won a point via voting said mafia, town get a point. Otherwise mafia get a point.


Is the point awarding public

yeah you know who won each day

What if a Towne doesn’t vote

I guess that’s just mafia get a point unless the other 2 town are voting the same mafia?

yeah, i mean there’s 0 reason to not vote

:man_shrugging: you can try to engineer a breaking strategy by demanding people not vote lul

Everyone votes one person. A mafia point means thr person is town. A town point means the game is over, because every town votes the same person again.


Man jakes good at this

So the claim is town’s winrate will be (1/2) + (1/2)(3/5) = 80% yeah.
Okay yeah need to modify.

Okay if town need to get points via 2 unique scum the probability becomes 50% I think? Updated op.

Town finds town and then has a 3/5 hit on scum, then a 1/2 hit on unique scum.

yeah (1/2)(3/5)(1/2) + (1/2)(2/5) + (1/2)(3/5)(1/2) is 50%

Which means the game is basically a coin flip.

I don’t get your point, sounds like a good thing?

Which means neither side can gain any mechanical advantage. The game is stagnant and boring, because any better tactic for town/scum will be quickly discouraged because 50% of the time it fucks you over.

50% is assuming decisions are random, if you’re “better” at the game your winrate over time will be better than 50%. It’s the same for setups like 2v6 mountainous nightless or the corresponding 50% numbers for regular mountainous.

Is chess stagnant and boring :thinking:

How can you be better? Ultimately, Town has the upper hand here because the Mafia have the choice of either Saccing a member, or confirming a town, both of which are bad

If I identify mafia correctly d1 everytime I play my town winrate will be >50%.
If I make town misidentify mafia d1 everytime I play my mafia winrate will be >50%