Let’s gauge interest. My birthday is in June so I’m feeling like giving back with a grand prize of some sort.

As a reminder of the game, here is last years tournament


I now open it up to any suggestions on changes from last years game rules

Proposed edits to game structure:
-Player 1 picks where the poison goes


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I lost in the first round last time - I think I can do better this time.

Someone should ping everyone from the previous addition - can’t find a neat list atm.

My coin is ready


Wait did we change it so the poison isn’t auto placed i remember having a solid gripe about this

Is this a legitimate gripe?

I am crowdsourcing setup changes this year

Yeah let p1 place the poison dont rand it

Alright, if anyone objects to this state your case or it’s being implemented

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Love you DS

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If it is not randed, then the unknowing player has objectively less information than if it was randed. It’s more unbalanced, as p2 has basically no way to decipher anything, while a p2 with rand means p1 has to give info to p2 in the form of their action.

I’m not sure if you were already planning on doing it but this was my suggestion last time

Also I’d like to do a double elim tournament if possible so people can play at least two rounds.

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Have a losers bracket to find out who just sucks the most?

Then have the winner play the loser for a 50-50 to show the whole tournament is BS?

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Does Key’s suggestion balance this?

Chesskid is salty he’s bad at wifom i see :smile:

If you want lessons I’m free later



If you want lessons I am also free later