Why do you play Mafia?

I play mostly for the social aspect, personally. Being in a good playerlist is more important than the overall result for me (but not by much)

Why do you play?

Killing others is the only thing that makes me feel alive

I like puzzles, and the challenge posed by a puzzle that’s directly opposed by other humans is pretty fun.


for me, purely the social aspect: mafia is conducive to good banter

I’m terrible at the actual game

Catching scum is fun.

All of the above, and fooling town is fun. :rofl:

Cause it’s addictive.

I got hooked on mafia for the social aspect combined with the competitive nature of it. I’m not especially good at it (as town, at least), but I almost always have fun playing it.

I have no idea.

for fun

probably autism

pedit: definitely austism


don’t bully anyone!!!

he already does that as drugged lulu