Who's the cop? (Open Setup)


10 players, 7 town/3 mafia

Every town player is given this rolecard:


You are a Cop

Each night, you may use an investigate action to investigate a target.
You will only receive feedback if you are a real cop and you target is mafia.

You win when you kill off all of the mafia.

Each Mafia player is given this rolecard:


You are a member of the mafia

Your private chat is here. You may talk in it at all times, and submit actions in there.
Your teammates are A and B
Each night, your team may decide on a player to kill. This action is compulsive.

You win when you kill off all the town.

One town player is secretly the real cop. If they are the secret cop and are killed, this will NOT be revealed upon death.

Please tell me if this is a good setup idea or not, or what I should change.

Ooo maybe give someone a half cop effect

Like 1 Player is Real Cop but another one is Rookie Cop and receives the information but delayed.


Real Cop
Night 1 - Simon - Your Target is innocent

Rookie Cop
Night 1 - Jeff - No Feedback
Night 2 - Dexter - Your Target is Mafia (Jeff Results)

Or you could even give it so the first night it will always be “Your Target is innocent”
So they think they are the Real Cop but actually the Rookie Cop.

Then the last 5 are Fake.


Jeff - Your Target is Innocent!
Dexter - Your Target is Mafia! (Jeff’s Results)

Count me /in.

The real cop would receive no result if their target is innocent, to be consistent with the fake cops. I didn’t know how to word it otherwise, so yeah.

The only way to differentiate between a Rookie Cop and a Real Cop would be if you got that they were Mafia N1.
Although having 2 possible people as mafia would make having 2 cops be more balanced.