Who would play this

I will start a 9 player game with a table (like a matrix) and like, the game is half open setup, like you can see the table and 6 possible setups from that table

Also game days will be 14 real days, nights will be 2 real nights. I feel like this is really innovative and like, look forward to this. Who would like this

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Wow, this is a super unique and cool idea! Maybe if it’s popular, we could keep a signup thread open for people new to mafia, and they’d play that setup as their introduction to the site.

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Thanks Urist, I like this one very much. But I have something to add, it would be really cool if new players got to play with experienced players that played here before. Like, 6 new players and 3 experienced players.

I feel like we need a standard game setup

Matrix games tend to be fun. There are some already established Matrix setups which are pretty good if you scour MU

We have hosted matrix on smogon a few times, one of my favourites I think

Did they credit GTacc for his idea at least?

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