Who is the mod anyway? OVER

If the moderation of this game is not clear to anyone, please don’t blame me… Put the blame on NotMafia.

This game is a day start, we will get going as soon as all of the role PMs have been confirmed.


9 alive, takes 5 to lynch.

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The topic is now closed, only moderators may post at this time.

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MODKILL: chesskid3

whoops guys looks like we had a role randomization error and we’re going to have to remake the game

stfu you died post your role pm

Posting role PMs is illegal. Don’t do that.

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stfu you’re not my real mod

Night 0 has begun

Players may now submit their night actions and have 24 hours to do so.

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That’s weird… Seems we went back in time. Oh well.

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wow chesskid what a strong ability you have there

Really cuz I dont see a remake happening

The thread is now open, everyone can post regardless of moderator status.

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Hey guys it’s me your mod

Hi mod I’m GTacc and I like booty

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Whose mod is it anyway


Sir it is night please dont try to vote like a hooligan

Chesskid3 was accused of cheating

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