Who is the mod anyway 9/?p

So, I’m going to try another set up to see if this one garners any interest…

This is an experimental game, closed set up, non-standard roles, ambiguous alignments.

yep its gonna be a bastard mod game

We’ll go with n > 8 if we can get to that number :wink: Hopefully this is something you’re all interested in getting yourselves into!

If you do not have mod privileges, you should indicate that in a post so that you don’t end up getting a role that you can’t actually play.

@notmafia @gtacc @Josh @Urist @Andresvmb @Srceenplay @Mantis @tn5421 @Tier

Are any of you interested in exploring this theme? :smiley:

Sorry, not my style of game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I don’t understand the setup

I think we just lynch the mod every day?

God damn it… If I’m a day 1 lynch in my own game… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I will in if people don’t mind that i play an incredibly low effort game


I think it’s fine, it certainly is not the most serious set up.

I refuse to do more than the bare minimum into this game

Okay, I understand that whatever the setup is, it is not serious… but I do still have a question that I’m hoping you are willing to answer about it:

Do the points matter?


Winning matters above all.


All the points

I know the setups made up, but do the points matter?!

I feel like I’m falling victim to some glorious troll that I can’t comprehend.

Me trying to figure out if the points matter:



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no thank you, i don’t like bastard games

Alright, this game is ready to go, I will be handing out the roles shortly.

God Speed Gentlemen.


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