Which of these features do you want the most?

After we’re done with:

  1. Improving reply jumps on mobile
  2. Improving jumps when ISOing someone
  3. Setting up website with setup/roles knowledge base and articles

The next big thing is more robust automation of games. That’s a longer term thing. Which of these “smaller” features would you want the most? Please pick at most 2.

  • A way to take notes in game
  • Automated player/game stats tracking
  • Wizard for hosts to send out role pm’s through one interface
  • Easy way to find and access “critical” vote counts
  • Fix the anonymous category
  • Hit button or select from dropdown for vote name options (no more typing usernames)
  • Private game creation system that matches players with other players that they’ll likely enjoy playing with.
  • Game autolocking on hammer

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was there a discussion about the private game creation system somewhere?

I thought there was a public one but there wasn’t. I’ll sketch out how it’ll work if made later.

Stat tracking > critical vote counts
yall are wild.


I don’t think many people do VCA on 451?

We do it with our bare hands, like MEN

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@KatyushaGB good votes

I voted

Are people who vote for the private game creation system openly admitting to hating large swathes of the playerbase? :thinking:


Thanks for voting everyone!

We’ve started drafting out how the stats stuff will work and we’ll get to the host wizard asap. (The stuff mentioned in the OP still needs finishing).

The things with less votes may still get worked on (especially if some of them turn out to be much easier), they’ll just be lower on the priority list.

yeah i really wanted to vote for notetaking but i only had 2 votes shrug

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Yeah i said this in discord but just for posterity notes was my third option and I would have definitely voted for it had there not been two major things on there already