Where is the introduction section?

Title. I’d say more but I don’t feel like it.

OK so I tried to just have the body be a period and that didn’t work so I’m introducing myself here.

I am very young in the Mafia world with just a few games more than 100. Dead serious.

I have learned things about Mafia in my time playing. I might even share some of those things at some point.

I am looking forward to playing with olive yew and chesskids huge penis.

Hi!!! glomps u notices ur experience OwO whats this?? unzips ur pants sees ur massive rope oh myy x33 wraps it arond my neck lynch me senpai ~w~ draw it tight uwu i cant take it!! OWO flips role pm nuzzles u .u.

Relax, I am a nobody.

Welcome quick.
A hundred games is hardly a newbie.
Are you Facetious?

I’m not a newb, just a newbie in my Mafia career.

Hey Quick, good to see you!

I don’t think the number of games someone has played speaks a whole lot to their expertise… for example, most of what I know about playing mafia comes from a handful of very long, complex and serious games even though I’ve played far more. And some people are naturally a lot better at the game when they start, so it’s not really an accurate measure. But you’re not a noob from what I’ve seen of you… don’t be shy! Just have fun and don’t worry about whether you seem to know what you’re doing (I don’t think anyone actually knows what they are doing in mafia :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Hope to see you around :slight_smile: