What is the Mafia451 Interview Series?

Forum Mafia is a game that can take days, weeks, and even months to play. Sometimes we start games as strangers, and end them as friends-for-life, whether shellshocked and defeated or triumphantly on the winning team.

Along the way, we learn about playstyles, propensities, strengths, weaknesses, and about how a player’s personality shapes all these attributes.

This series of interviews is meant to be a celebration of what makes us different as players as well as what we share - enjoyment of a sometimes frustrating but always fascinating psychological game of solving abstract behavioral puzzles, and of subtly manipulating other players. I don’t want to just get the facts about players I interview – I want to give them an opportunity to express their personalities, game personas, what they value about playing, designing, and running mafia games. I want to increase the name recognition of players who add something special to the game. I want these interviews to add a new perspective to our games. And I want these interviews to be fun to read. I want people to visit Mafia451 because they want to read about players they know, and players they’ve never met…yet.

The interviews are also meant to explore the current state of Forum Mafia as well as our history and future directions through the eyes of us - the people who play this game.

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