What do you look for in a game?

I’m more interested in larger themes (see list below) instead of specific preferences - though feel free to list any specific preferences. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some I thought of:

  • What site it’s on
  • Player-count
  • Day/Night/Phase Lengths
  • Estimated max game length
  • Estimated expected daily time commitment
  • Open/Closed/Semi-Open
  • No roles/role-lite/role-heavy
  • Which players have joined
  • Who’s hosting
  • Game Flavor Theme
  • New player friendliness level

What are some that I missed? Which of the ones I listed matter more to you?

I avoid nightless games, and I like games which rely on an interesting mechanic (like Chosen) instead of power roles though I’m not sure how to generalise that.

Daily time commitment and day length are related to each other and kind of rule out some games for me. Player count and who’s already signed up is less important but still definitely something I look at.

Sometimes allowing hydras is relevant too, if I want to share a slot with a friend.

From Chocoparrot via Discord:

  1. Everything you listed matters except “no roles/role-lite/role-heavy”
  2. Possibility of scumhunting
  3. Possibility of mechanical solving
  4. Novel mechanics
  5. Chaos

From @tn5421 via Discord:

  • The site the game is hosted on is easy to use
  • The playerlist being at least somewhat familiar to me
  • Non-upicks are role-light
  • Setups not being broken by massclaiming