What do you like or dislike about Mafia?

Anything large or small is okay!
This’ll help us make the game better.

“how voting works”, “players die”, “too much stuff to read”, “people get emotional”, “Cooperating as a team”, “I like lying”, “how deadlines work”, “winning as a team”, “the people”, “figuring out the setup”, “I hate rolling scum”

If you want to keep anything private you can pm me.

Filler post: will edit once im alive in 0 games.

Filler post: will edit once im alive in 0 games

Filler post: will edit once im alive in 0 games.

Not Filler Post: Currently in 0 games so I suppose I can talk :smiley:

Some of my favourite things about mafia are the set-ups and the interactions between roles. That’s what really hooked me in. And the thrill of it going is super fun, like all the posts going past and the fights and the realisations.

But rolling scum takes a bunch of that away :frowning: I’m not a player fit for scum haha, so it’s hard for me to enjoy a game as scum, unless town is just completely not scumreading me somehow. Also time zones are a bit harder too, I miss some interractions and sometimes get scumread for not being able to catch up fast enough.

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i think nearly everyone (or at least, a very very large amount of people) enjoys being a detective and figuring things out and solving the puzzle and such. i think the ever present popularity of the mystery / detective genre speaks to that, and in that sense i think mafia is sort of adjacent to things like detective shows, with “solving puzzles” being a secondary motivation behind “being a detective” given that mafia is rarely anything close to a logic puzzle.

i think very few people actually enjoy being scum more than being town, although that doesn’t in all cases imply a lack of ability as scum.

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Do you dislike getting scumread as either alignment? Does getting called scum make things less fun for you?

What do you mean you say “miss some interactions”. Do you prefer when everyone is online at the same time vs. when people are on at disjointed times? If so why do you choose long-form forum mafia in particular, instead of something like chat mafia or a 1 or 2 hour forum game?

Yeah I agree with this - town play is some sort of race against time to figure out a mystery. A bunch of other parts of mafia aren’t really part of that though - how voting works, how dying works, how roles work, how information is presented/revealed. (All the things I listed I think are at least partially “broken” in the sense that they can be better).

Scum would might be more entertaining for more people - Iand know there are a set that like or even prefer it as is - if they also had some mystery or problem to solve. (Maybe needing to figure out who their partners are, or needing to synchronize some action with their partner without relying on private comms, or needing to hunt down a particular person or thing). The last option was done pretty well with Avalon and Merlin.

The Elon’s iPod submarine game we’ve been playing also made me think that maybe a format where the “town” side is heavily motivated to work together, yet are able to win alone might have some merit.

yeah, if you’re looking at mafia as primarily about being a detective moreso than the debate / convincing people side then the voting system definitely seems like just a means to an end rather than a primary component of the game.

i would argue that people getting killed by mafia is a big part of the mystery, though. i think the closest in mafia you actually can get to the feeling of a mystery novel or some such is in a LyLo where you look back through the entire game to put the pieces together and realize a conclusive narrative for one person being scum and the other being town.

as for scum also having an aspect of figuring something out, i think there are various ways you could go with it.

  • the most used one is probably just having them have to hunt for PRs, although in most games that’s not a core mechanic. a game where the scumteam has an alternate win condition of, say, killing off all of a group of masons could be interesting like that.
  • having kind of a recursive game of mafia is an idea that’s been thrown around lately, i.e. there’s a group of 7 “Mafia”, 4 are Mafia Loyalists who don’t know the identity of anyone else and 3 are Mafia Rebels who win when the town and the Mafia Loyalists are dead. seems complicated and with the large numbers needed to actually balance it, probably boring in practice.

i think a game themed around scum needing to “connect” before they can perform things would be really interesting – say, the game starts as nightless with no scum PT, after two scum “connect” they get a PT and a nightkill, after the third scum “connects” they get a factional roleblock or some other power to the same effect.

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We have a new format we’re going to present and test in a bit (hopefully on the same day as official “launch” this Wednesday or Thursday) that rips apart how voting, dying/winning, and roles works. The feedback we got here and elsewhere on what makes mafia fun has been very helpful. :slight_smile:

Design goals are:

  1. Players (from both alignments) should be rewarded for working together with their team, where the upside scales with how many players are cooperating. In normal Mafia, if you’re not in the majority vote your vote is meaningless, so cooperating is all or nothing. In addition there’s very little mechanical motivation for Mafia teams to figure stuff out together.

  2. There should non-post, non-death public information that acts as “evidence” that every player gets to interact with in some meaningful capacity. NSG’s point about how Lylo/near-Lylo being the most satisfying parts of the game are super true - a decent chunk of players in a normal mafia game barely get to play with anything other than post information.

  1. 1-setup that’s replayable (something different happens every time) and works in a 1 hour game, a 2 week game, or a video-mafia game. We think coming up with one standard format is super important for a game growing in popularity and being taken more seriously.

some towns are hard to have fun with