Webcomic Mafia Team Chat

Congrats! If you’re reading this you’re mafia.

Feel free to post your role pms here.

You may talk here at any time. Including right now

goat squad

Cats, Video games, Cats playing video games. That’s basically it really. You and Leo are two cats that play video games. A lot of video games. And that’s not a bad life, but maybe go outside once in a while, ya know? Luckily for you, you’re the savvy one, rational and pragmatic, you’re no dope like leo. Hopefully your common sense will carry the day.

That’s not to say years of honing your dexterity and hand eye coordination from years of video games can’t be useful. Along with a refined sense of strategy and tactics, you’ll surely prove a formidable foe on the imaginary Webcomic battlefield.

  • Lag spike - fly across the screen! - passive ability: If for any reason you would die (via lynch or kill) instead delay your death to the end of the next phase (i.e death by lynch, die end of the next night / start of next day; death during the night, die after the end of the next day’s lynch). When this ability activates, there will be a public announcement that lag has been detected.
  • Haxor - to the maxor - active ability: ##Hack your target disabling their use of active and factional abilities for the night
  • Covert ops - sneaky sneak - Modifier: Be sneaky. Be a ninja. If you perform the factional kill for the mafia, it will not be seen by trackers, watchers, or anything related to either.
  • you cannot role block and be a ninja on the same night.
  • 1337 - git gud noobs - Factional ability: ##Frag your target, eliminating them

if ny alignnent revealed on lag spike before I die?


what would it ssay?

Aeris is a bout to disconnet? or something?


I’ll try to make it flashy. I haven’t completely thought out exactly how I’ll flavor it, but that’s the gist.

This is how I a
see it goinog down

You won’t be mentioned at all.

a votecount will look like

V.C 1.13

Erika (7): lots of people

With XXXX alive it takes 7 to lynch!

and then the next post would have
LAG DETECTED. and we go to night.

If you die at night, then along with w/e else happens at night, their will be a LAG DETECTED along with it at start of day

What info is revealed on death? Whole role PM or just description?

whole role pm

so yes that includes the “one town is empowered!”

I’m watcher / cop

But you can call me Dilbert, I peek under toilet stalls

I also have a friend called dogbert

So 15p there’s probably a serial killer right?

from the wording of erika’s rb, “blocks factional abilities”, i wouldn’t be surprised if there were multiple mafia factions maybe?
at the very least there is an sk.

Empowerer - still 2nd best to that emperor - passive ability: You are enabling at least one townsperson to use their ability. Sithrak treats everyone equally amiright?
Empower - Faith on steroids! - active ability: You may ##Empower anyone aside from yourself with one of the following boons: a) ability to perform a 2nd factional ability on the same night b) use an active ability twice c) make the target ascetic or d) grant protection from all kills
Not all powerful - you have limits: you cannot use the same Empower type until you’ve used all once. You can only ever use “type a)” once
An angry god - really only during those teenage years - Factional ability: ##Smite a target, killing them.