Webcomic Mafia Graveyard

If you’re here, then sadly you are quite dead. My sympathies.

Please refrain from spoiling etc.

Hey Dan

Was I not nice?

no, you were not

i’m also planning on claiming blind inventor (choose an ability, a random person gets it).

this is gonna be oof if it happens

I was trying to be nice, I was just educating Josh on his shortcomings.

As of right now,

it is likely no one is dying N1. If chesskid didn’t exist we’d be seeing 3 deaths.

Game over

I mean if chesskid didn’t exist one would be one of your scum buddies XD

Man… Parity cop is really negatively impacting this game :sweat_smile:

lmao 3 NK Urist.

yes three kills did in fact hit urist. good thing he wore protection

oh also that in the other context too

Ah, he directed everyone on Urist? So… Is there a cop? Because then it’s gg

guess we’ll find out over the course of the day!

I will ask some ‘random’ questions.

What Color pops into your head ?

Do you prefers Boobs or Butts ?

Do you prefer Big , Medium or Small ?

Anyone can answer these ’ entirely random’ questions.


looks like the masons who don’t know they are masons yet are dying tonight. a.k.a the maybe bastard element of this game

maybe not! last min changes

bad roleblock target for scum though