We need a fifth - Endgame


Scum has daychat
No self-votes
Days: 48 hours
If town is lynched, they have +24 hours to pick first kill while thread is closed

If tie at deadline, scum picks who is lynched/revealed as town


Randing roles and sending pms, please confirm your pms

Roles are sent, town pms just say town and please don’t discuss pms


Day 1 has started! Day 1 will end at July 3rd GMT 10.00 AM or when a hammer happens.

Important rule note: To deal with ties at EoD, I decided to take a lynch priority list from scumchat so we don’t have to wait for them and WIFOM won’t happen.

Let’s take a selfie

Re:important rule
I probably just die because I’m the most likely to shoot the other town

Hi. My name is tier I’m 12 and I’m town. Tyvm. Cya wouldn’t want to be ya.

I’m not mafia

So you’re either relying on us believing that this is your town meta or trying to make us think this is your town meta

But you’ve already ruined that meta by doing this as scum so not sure I care about that either way



The way I see it there’s no reason not to put someone to L-1 right?


tn :clap: where :clap: you :clap: at :clap:

VOTE: Elwood

Holster your vote there buck-o


You’re not very persuasive!

I believe in the power of the DS scumslip.