We have a website/knowledge base! Things to come and how you can help

The barebones version of our knowledge base is up!! Our goal is for it to be people’s go-to source for all things mafia. There’s not much on it yet but here’s the plan:

  • We’re porting over the articles from the forum, that’ll be done this week. (Some with partial rewrites to fit the format better).

  • We’ll be adding new articles once a week. I’ll also be starting a mafia blog with more frequent entries.

  • The setups and roles pages are pending based on work on the filters. We can create individual setup pages but the filters interface won’t be done for a few weeks.

  • The player stats page will take by far the longest to finish but with how popular the concept is (and we’re curious what the stats are like too!) we’ll be working hard to get it done.

How you can help!

  • Tell us what content you’d like to see - the articles, topics, or setups you would refer to again and again or share with other players.

  • Let us know what mafia-related content and resources people are linking to offsite.

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im mostly concerned that there is no dark theme, that it doesn’t respect my font size setting in preferences, and that the header seems too small on large displays

other than that, it looks good

It has no relationship to forum preferences at all.

Ok I’ll do knowledge laundring

Dark theme version would be clutch

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Also kinda feel like play now should be directly under home In the hamburger menu

For the foreseeable future we’re not going to be making a dark theme for the knowledge base website. If that’s something you want, you’re welcome to make an extension or repurpose an existing one, eg https://nighteye.app

Good point, might look weird on desktop though - we’ll play around with the menu some

Not really an option for mobile users tbh

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I haven’t tried it, but https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2019/04/how-to-enable-chromes-new-dark-mode-on-android/ seems promising for some users.


I’m just googling for things that might help tbh, no idea how well these work

If there’s a reasonably quick way to implement dark mode that doesn’t come with too many side effects like difficulty maintaining then sure, but it’s not a priority to build ourselves right now

Yeah none of those postings work for iOS mobile devices fwiw.

No dark mode just means people like me won’t use it. Probably a niche user section so I don’t blame you but having had lasik, sites with complete bright white are nearly impossible for me to use.

Just a note.

Yeah, that’s fair - being accessible is important, just might be tricky. I hoped the iphone accessibility colour inverter in particular would help.

Do you have a way of getting around it for sites like Wikipedia and Google, or do you not use them? Afaik they don’t offer night mode, might be wrong though.

Wiki I don’t use often, google is not a page you are necessarily on for an extended period of time.

May also be the combination with the green of the links that’s hard on the eyes for me tbh

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html {
    filter: invert(100%) hue-rotate(180deg);
    background-color: #000000;

except find a way to make it not apply to images, which i’ve so far failed to do.