Voter Fraud Mafia

Do you want a memey but fun game full of shenanigans and hijinks? Boy howdy do I have the game for you.

Everyone and everything can be voted—including but not limited to dead players, players not in the game, the GM, and inanimate objects or ethereal concepts (i.e., “Justice, Freedom, and The American Way” is an acceptable vote). What does voting do? Only the GM knows!

Majority is considered majority of living players in game. If no vote reaches majority before EOD, plurality. If tied at EOD, scum decide winner.

There is no traditional NK. Guaranteed to be at least one death each day/night cycle. Possible slight to moderate bastardization, but no alignment conversion is guaranteed.

is this a way of motivating elli key to finish the plugin for the votecount that gives it a list of acceptable votes and/or voters?

If it doubles as that who am I to complain? I’ll just be over here doing the lords work (getting elli to get key to do stuff).

Wait you’re trying to motivate me by running a game which takes advantage of the current functionality of counting all votes, and would not be runnable if votes were limited to the playerlist?

Uhh go for it

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This sounds like sound logic.

It is not welcome in this place.


I /in’d because this sounds like fun, but I should probably ask: Day/Night phase lengths?

72 hour days, nights TBD but no longer than 24ish hours

Hrm. How many players do you need to fire?

I would say at least 7, preferably 9

Ok, I’ll stay in and commit to participating with the shorter phases.

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Looks like 8 which is a fine amount…I’ll get stuff out to people this weekend, signups will stay open until then. Expect a pretty short game, I don’t promise perfect balance but should be fun.

@Nanook check if everyone still wants in

@StarV @ErikaFurudo @chesskid3 @row666 @Seththeking @TheFlash

Like or reply if you still want to play