Visual Game Summary


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We’re considering making something analogous to or

Is this something anyone of you would want a lot?

I would like another ranked game to fill tbh :thinking:

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That would be a lot easier to interpret at a glance than this spreadsheet would be. ( style, that is)

That’s just EOD votes essentially?

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i only lynch town, uwu

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Yeah I think the essential information is EoD votes, roles, night actions, when die, result. Probably could split into two tabbed charts. Any other super important info that should appear in a quickly digestible summary?

That’s mainly about where information is presented yeah?

Maybe we’ll make a quick mockup and see if worth pursuing.

maybe like a + - on correct votals at the end? Like if you are town and correctly voted scum you get a +1 or something idk

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i would be -2 in that case for that game if that makes sense

Perhaps put the night phase column in another colour (slightly lighter?) to make it more immediately distinguishable. And put “not voting” people in lavender or something, to make it more clear that they chose not to vote (as opposed to not being able to, as is the case with night actions).

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