Vigilant Mayhem Sign Ups

Player Amount: 14
Day Length: 3 Days Period - 5:00 PM EoD
Night Length: 1 Day Period
Lynch Type: Plurality (No Lynch if Tie)

Mafia do NOT have Factional Killing and are instead 1 Shot Vigilantes.
When someone dies it will be revealed the next day they die but not how they died.
Allowing Mafia to be deceptive and form a miss lynch on a Town Vigilante.
Roleblocking doesn’t get rid of their shot, just prevents them from using it that night.

1 Odd Night Escort, Even Night Tracker
1 Doctor
2 Town 1 Shot Vigilante’s
6 Villagers
4 Mafia 1 Shot Vigilante’s

Okay seems interesting


If the escort blocks a x-shot, do they lose a use of abilities?


Does it get refunded if they were blocked?

If you block a Vigilante, they will still have their shot but it won’t be used during that night.

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Need 6 more to start

Let’s get some more!

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