Video Mafia

Hello 451!

It seems that there is some interest for video mafia with the 451 crew and as such I will be hosting the first round of video mafia games on Discord.

This will be a test run of sorts to see what styles, times, setups and video conference call clients actually works for us.

With that said you will need a few things to play:

  1. A Computer
  2. A Webcam
  3. A Mic
  4. Headphones of some sort

First step would be to pick which of these times works for those interested. Choose as many as you would be willing to start play at:

  • Saturday 1pm pacific time
  • Saturday 2pm pacific time
  • Saturday 3pm pacific time
  • Saturday 4pm pacific time
  • Saturday 5pm pacific time
  • Saturday 6pm pacific time
  • Saturday 7pm pacific time
  • Saturday 8pm pacific time
  • Sunday 1pm pacific time
  • Sunday 2pm pacific time
  • Sunday 3pm pacific time
  • Sunday 4pm pacific time
  • Sunday 5pm pacific time
  • Sunday 6pm pacific time
  • Sunday 7pm pacific time
  • Sunday 8pm pacific time

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The weekend isn’t really a good time for me.

it seems like my new job wants me to work sat/sun wed/thur 11am-8pm

What’s video mafia?

+3h for eastern, +2h for central, +1h for mountain

It’s the closest thing to playing IRL mafia, using webcams and a conference call to emulate everyone being in a room together


@DS times are this weekend?

Depending on how easy this is to run maybe other mods will eventually join in on this, but for me at least it needs to be run during the weekend.

Either this weekend or next weekend to try out the discord setup

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nice complementary time choices @Key

also this topic reminded me to email the LiarRank people, finally got that out of the way :parrot:

no clue what that means

We are mutually exclusive

there was a paper on a bot that reads people in video mafia, I’ve been meaning to chat with the authors for a while.

Maybe someone else can rag on at me being terrible at bussing

Arent you that bot tho

not with my reads in playoffs last season LOL

are you sure you picked early enough times?

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Latest time starts at 3pm if google isn’t lying to me, so unless DS is planning a 12 hour mafia marathon :thinking:

Doubt the games will be more than like an hour at longest

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