Video Mafia/451 Video Chat - Every Friday at 9 pm EST

Let’s get something together before late November. I’ll be in a totally different time zone then so scheduling for any long term stuff won’t happen for now but getting one or two sessions together would be super nice. :slight_smile:

Can we make some (American time zone) Friday night work? 9 pm?

Regardless I’ll try to find a weekly time where I’ll always pop into the discord voice channel and people can ask questions about the site/hang out. If enough people show up for those (just need 5 or so?) we can run a quick game too.

I have a webcam now so im down

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Thinking maybe I’ll just have a weekly time where I’ll be in the discord voice chat and if enough people show up we’ll see what happens. Can be general 451 AMA or something if not enough for a game.

Who wonders how do I look like

I’ll be around on 2019-09-21T01:00:00Z. Let’s see what happens.

I’ll see if I can be available but can’t guarantee

Would be cool to have someone actually involved in site dev involved, hope you can make it!


eventually people are going to think it’s not a meme :pepehands:

wait it’s a meme?



I’m going to bed


Key will be right over to tuck you in

Wait nvm

Apparently she has work to do instead

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I love all of you


Can we start an offshoot meme that I do more site work than elli

Or am I stuck with the “admin who cant use his own site” meme


Wait are you an admin?

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Sorry sorry I wanted to reply to Elli’s post my bad

No no, “wait you’re an admin?” Is the appropriate response there.


You should probably all just come to Canadia and we can do in person mafia :+1:

not with $12 dollar sandwiches

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This is tonight
Hope people come chat
can hear about site stuff that I’ve been too lazy to type out