Vengeful Tournament G4

i think id rather sort gtacc than notmafia

i mean ideally i can get a read on both but gtacc might be an easier read for me

Yeah I can’t read GTacc this much is obvious.

tbh starv and andres is a hard pairing for me to read when yall are at each other’s throats.

You do realize that when this happens I’m usually Town right? He picks fights with me to confuse his alignment.

@GTacc, M2H is wrong. The real big brain play is to make Andres the godfather in anticipation for town to take the 1/4 on day 1. So I assume that’s not what happened.

This is exactly what he did last game he was Scum and it almost worked.

Nobody should listen to you you’re outted Scum this is all garbage.

I mean it seems to happen basically every game regardless of if its t/t or s/t though I think I can be fairly sure this isn’t s/s maybe?

Unless he’s with notmafia :thinking:

whats wrong with my reasoning

No but when it’s T/T we do actually eventually find each other. There was even a game where he was joking about being my sword.


i want to take a brief commercial break to talk about my succulent

Yea, there is one major roadblock to that happening this game though…

Yeah you’re Scum.


It’s a small boy but it’s got room to grow

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:clown_face: The problem is that you’re a level 1 scum player like this.

Oof sideways picks not a good look.

The real problem is I have 0 points so now everybody will dismiss me for the rest of the tournament.