Vengeful Tournament G1

Now, the drafters could be playing the gamble that they wouldn’t pick UFO as the Godfather since they Confirmed him last game with a recruiting mechanic. So they might have chosen to reverse that. But something tells me they probably didn’t do it.

This is not a serious post lol

VOTE: Andres

Nah I mean I know what you’re saying in that Town has some incentive to try and get killed to shoot Scum and leave the game in a better spot.

But if they genuinely think they’re going to screw it up, then they wouldn’t.

I’m hoping you’re Town M2H, because I’m definitely gambling the game on it.

good idea bro

Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong of course.

i will :+1:

No it was a joke lol, town wants to kill mafia

Not always - if you think you have Scum on your sights, I think you are better off getting TK’ed and shooting there.

Incorrect, if goon is TKed they have to confirm a townie in f3. It’s always better to TK mafia today

Ah yeah I see that.

Well I wasn’t counting on that anyway.

…you weren’t counting on catching mafia? Why…?

VOTE: Andres

@Nanook ?

I think ufo strictly better? At least from personal POV if andres is town he likely shoots me and game ends.

On other hand he’s >rand mafia too so idk

Fuck it sure VOTE: Andres

I agree, but Andres voted me

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