Vengeful Tournament G1



Look, if you’re gonna vote yourself, you have to at least do the thing. If you don’t do the thing, you can’t vote yourself, that’s just how it is

What’s the thing?

Also dick move VOTE: nanook

This is the thing

NotMafia is on my team so it’s mandatory for me to post it tbh

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I’m at work or I probably might have tbh


Lol I’m notoriously terrible at making the vig kill in vengeful. And that’s even when I have people yelling in my face about who the obv scum is

Yes I’m aware

Okay, if Nanook is not Scum in this game, I will be amazed.

Let me read now.

Good thing I’m fucking amazing

M2 and Andres please stop both acting like the goon, k thx

I’m actually Town though.

The only scenario in which I’m Goon is if I’m afraid to hammer here and UFO is The Godfather yes?

UFO claiming to be terrible at the Vig Kill means he has higher than rand chance to be the Godfather.

Not without others posting and essentially leaving it up to chance.

Okay so, even if M2H is Scum, they don’t self-vote as the Godfather. And just purely based on voting dynamics, I’m going to guess that this is correct.


Just an early inclination. UFO I’m actually going to bet is Town.