Vengeful 5

Urist: Town, Vengeful
StarV: Town, Vengeful
GoalkeeperBoss: Mafia, Goon
Andresvmb: Town, Vengeful
Nanook: Mafia, Godfather (Vengeful)

First placeholder

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gogo, reminders that hammers are active AFTER everyone has voted.

VOTE: Urist

VOTE: Urist

I fully intend to hold the hammer again

See you in 3 days 0 hours 42 minutes


Why are you saying no?

I love that you are voting yourself since this worked so well for Seth.

I don’t have a problem with you not voting provided you actually contribute some content.

You’re not serious.

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I’m guessing this happened in another game?

Also guessing you’re being sarcastic

Yes it happened in Vengeful 2 if I’m not wrong.

And yes I’m being sarcastic - Town lost that game if I recall correctly.

Wasn’t i in vengeful 2

I’m taking Andres as town.