Vengeful 4

The town role pm is:

Town Vengeful

Mafia has daytalk.

Important rule change:
Hammers are active once everyone’s voted at least once OR when deadline hits.

Nanook: Town, Vengeful
StarV: Mafia, Goon
GTacc: Town, Vengeful
Seththeking: Mafia Godfather (Vengeful)
clonedcheese: Town, Vengeful



I will slowroll the game.

By the way I was accidentally added and lefted out (fired? thrown out?) from the scum chat so I know who the scum is.

Thrown out.

I believe you Gtacc and will be sheeping

But not until deadline because I’m the only one worthy of a :hammer: this game

If I am mafia, I will only vote on my partner this game. Will sheep GTacc… Unless this contradicts exhibit a.

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if this is true in any way the game would have been reranded

so this is false


Lynch all liars. Unfortunately I only follow this rule if it doesn’t contradict my first two.

GTacc vote urself

But I am not mafia

Then vote me

Do you have hammering experience?

Anyway how is your sex life


Non existent

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For now

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Votecount as of post #18

GTacc (1): clonedcheese

Not Voting (4): GTacc, Nanook, StarV, Seththeking


everyone post more

Ok Gtacc who should I be voting?

Also the irony of elli AKA mr. “LYLO would be better if nobody talked” saying to post more is not lost on me

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I told him ranked was a snoozefest