Vengeful 3

The town role pm is:

Town Vengeful

Mafia has daytalk.

Important rule change:
Hammers are active once everyone’s voted at least once OR when deadline hits.

JakeTheWolfie: Town, Vengeful
DS: Mafia, Godfather (Vengeful)
Andresvmb: Town, Vengeful
chesskid3: Mafia, Goon
M2H: Town, Vengeful



guys guys guys

i think i know who the mafia is

is it you?

So with the new rules if I refuse to vote until 1s left am I a hero

fuck do we have to read rules

vengeful means I have a gun to shoot right

thats the entire reason i joined


only if you get yourself voted off

@Ellibereth can you clarify what we mean by deadline now? Do we mean EoD?

This has changed so much that I want to make sure I know exactly what the rules are.

Also, @DS I am glad you are back and playing with us. This should be fun.

@M2H if you had to put an RVS vote down here, who would it be on and why?


we’ll be watching your career with great interest

As long as us isnt StarV I have no issue with 451 <3

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