Vaping Mafia (9/9) - Game Over!

Have you ever wanted to play a game of mafia based around vaping? No? Well, you should sign up anyways.

There will be 7 vapers (town) and 2 non-vapers (mafia). The set-up is relatively balanced but kind of memey due to flavor. The flavor is definitely memey. Non-vapers have daytalk. This is not a bastard set-up.

Days will probably have a deadline of 10 days and nights a deadline of 48 hours. I’m open to discussion over this if players want to play at a different pace. Prods will go out after 36 hours of no activity unless I’m notified about an absence.

  1. the_worst
  2. Killthestory
  4. fferyllt
  5. Urist
  6. NotMafia
  8. Nanook
  9. Invisibilty
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sorry autocorrect


shouldn’t the vapers be scum


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omg yay

btw this game is based on a true life story

/in if we’re vaping cannabis!

Your substance of choice is up to you! Unless you roll non-vaper and then there’s no vaping for you ):

/in if I can vape the good Lord Jesus Christ


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Sick! Two more (:

/in if it starts after this weekend.



With all the slots filled, Role PMs will be going out shortly and the game can start on Monday!

Game thread can be found here: