UTOTY Mafia Scum Chat

Hello good fellows! You two are the scum. You have scum chat at all times, day and night, starting now. All messages relating to this game must be in this thread and include me. Because the GM is nothing if not nosy :wink:

Good luck!

Am I reading this right?
Metal and I are scum buddies again?
Woop! Woop! Woop!

wait I don’t remember being scumbuddies with you but I have a goldfish memory

This is my role

I am a roleblocker

Tell me more about Gumby

Can we copy past our role PMs here?

Are they one of the Villsge idiots?

I haven’t a clue man, I don’t watch these, they’re way before my time

Yep, this is basically the only place it’s OK to copy/paste your role PMs.

Gumby was one of the village idiots. I’ll find a clip when I’m at my laptop again.

They are the village idiot characters.
In youtube enter monty python gumby and it will give you heaps of clips.

Hello! You are Cardinal Ximenes. Your ability is the element of surprise! You can target one player each night, and that player can’t talk the next day, on account of being so relaxed in their comfy chair (this means the player you target may not cast a vote during the day either). This may not be used for MYLO or LYLO. You are scum, and your cover name is Spiny Norman.

I can stop someone from voting the next day as along as we haven’t got to lylo.

This is so fucking broken

We will spam that

Oh the best part is our abilities aren’t factional so we can both use our abilities? Can we?

^ Good question.
@Nanook Nanook.
Can metal sonic and I both use our special power each night (except lylo for me) as well as put in a kill?

You may both use your abilities AND the factional kill.

Sweet :smile:


What does Night Zero mean for us?
Can we put in any night moves?

Nah. Just a chance for you to talk, and people to ask any late minute questions they have!

@MetalSonic, I was going to post that I think you guys should unvote Urist, that I can’t believe they are scum.

What do you think?
I am really trying hard not to post as much.

Are you going to stay on Urist or jump off at some time?
Probably too early to tell I know. :confounded:

Minute stuff like this is inconsequential

Just do what you would normally do