UTOTY Dead Thread

Hello Urist, welcome to the ranks of the dead! You’ve been NKed, I’m sorry to say. Before the reveal of who the remaining scum is, would you care to make a guess?

Seems I sent this twice. My bad on that–I’m going to lock the other one, feel free to use this one to discuss the game as you desire!

I would have to guess Judge. She was ‘recalibrating’ on MS all of d1, i.e. she agreed he was scummy, but didn’t want to vote. She also didn’t commit to either of the bandwagons. There is the fact that she could have hopped on parsec to possibly save MS, but if that didn’t work then she would be screwed for d2. Even if it did work, we would probably lynch MS d2 and her d3.

Also, aren’t there private topics for this sort of thing?

Is that not what this is? I’m still trying to figure out parts of Discourse.

Also, the other scum is Catspurr. Chesskid was the other Larch.

Seems like a PM to me. You should modkill Elli so you can ask him.

I thought they were the same thing here? I’ll message fferyllt, she’ll probably know.

Looked in the how to section. Essentially, PMs are the same as private topics. I can set up a QT if you guys want, but this will do the trick, and more people can be added to it as they die.


While it helped us lynch scum, I gotta say the Ellibereth fangirlism that went on d1 was really irritating. I’m not sure why anyone would sign up for a mafia game with the intent to just blindly follow another player. Does this happen in every game Elli plays?

I’m new to Elli…it’s happened this game and in the one I’m playing with him in it. So…maybe? Lol

Did Elli just ping the guy who got lynched yesterday? LOL

wooohooo goodjob lurkertown