Urist's junk - scum chat

Hey, y’all are scum. Feel free to post here at any time.

Hi @chesskid3, you are the CD player that skips on every disc.

  • Electronic - When you die, all other players with this ability will have their other abilities upgraded.
  • Always miss a beat - At night, you may target a player to block their actions. If there is a paradox (e.g. cross-block), this ability resolves first.
    • Level 2: This ability can no longer be stopped or prevented. Also, your target will be automatically blocked on non-consecutive nights for the rest of the game.
    • Level 3: Your target is permanently blocked for the rest of the game.
  • EVIL JUNK - You are mafia with @GoalkeeperBoss & @JakeTheWolfie. Each night, choose one team member to perform a kill.

Hi @GoalkeeperBoss, you are the empty PC case.

  • Garage - You have access to the Dead Player private topic.
  • Just encase - At night, you may target a player to make them untargetable. Additionally, their passive ability is disabled until the following night. You may choose to target the player who was lynched the previous day; if you do, their passive will be retroactively canceled.
  • EVIL JUNK - You are mafia with @chesskid3 & @JakeTheWolfie. Each night, choose one team member to perform a kill.

Hi @JakeTheWolfie, you are the carton of dried-out markers.

  • Consumable - When you die, you may gift a one-shot copy of your ability to any player. This one-shot is unblockable and won’t stop them from using another ability.
  • Living picture - At night, you may gift a player a one-shot ability. You may choose to make this gift “free”, i.e. able to be used in addition to the player’s normal ability. You may also choose whether they know who gave them the gift. The gifts will be given in this order:
    • Night 1: fruitvend
    • Night 2: jail
    • Night 3+: kill
  • EVIL JUNK - You are mafia with @chesskid3 & @GoalkeeperBoss. Each night, choose one team member to perform a kill.

Can I talk in dead chat?

How do I level up

@GoalkeeperBoss yes
@chesskid3 you level up when other Electronics die.

Can I gift shit to my fellow mafia?

That’s weird your junk is weird

CDkid3, I suspect your rolecard suggests that there are 2-3 others with your passive ability.

PersonalcomputerBoss, are there any other undead people in the dead chat?

Urist, can I choose to not use my ability?



I just realized that my killing gift can only be used in a final 4 scenario.

@Urist post flip so we will see the passivre?

What I’ve come up with the setup:

  1. There probably aren’t any protectors. I mean, mafia protector sounds absurd.
  2. There are probably an unusually high number of roleblockers. I mean, all 3 of us have some power to stop actions. This would also reduce the need for protectors.
  3. There are probably a low number of investigatives. A Mafia rolecop is sensible, but a Mafia aligncop isn’t.


Yeah andres and doggo are there too

@chesskid3 Since you are on my wagon, should I selfhammer? I mean, I must be worth so little to this team that it wants to kill me without my foreknowledge.

Gimme a sec lemme see what I can do

I mean no u shouldn’t self hammer

I’m sorry I’m voting u but i don’t see an alternative

You are a member of the team that has the ability to manipulate the entire game into your own hands and you see no alternative.

You literally have Nanook believing you two are masons.