Urist's junk mafia - GTacc + Ellibereth

Hello chums. You have access to this neighborhood for all of day three.

You have the opportunity to trade. If you both agree, you will swap the non-factional portions of your roles. You must make your decision before a lynch occurs.

What is your role

aren’t I dead in this game

You are!

doggo being alive and being able to post in topic is going to be a nightmare for the vc stuff atm fyi.
We’re in the process of making it know whos alive…

Tell me who is mafia

tell andres i say to unvote

its lylo don’t rush


i hate you

tell seth elli says to unvote NOW


tell him to stop voting please


please tell seth you don’t unvote by voting unvote

unfortunately im fairly sure seth is town

stop pretending its you lol just say its me saying the things, im talking to some other people privately too

elli says we need to massclaim too
full details, everyone

普洱和呵呵呵 看i看i看i开

what does this mean