Urist's junk mafia - Ellibereth + DoggoPlays

Hello chums. You have access to this neighborhood for all of day two.

You have the opportunity to trade. If you both agree, you will swap the non-factional portions of your roles. You must make your decision before a lynch occurs.

how the heck did you survive the night

you voted Jake with me, which is a good thing, but then uh you didn’t die @_@

alright, let’s try to make the most of this chat, it will only last a day :weary:

okay so I think I’m just going to assume you’re town

yeah okay @Urist i assume i can’t copy and past role pm stuff over yeah.


anyway you need to suggest all electronic players claim without it getting traced back to me being the one to want this. unless your role has some broken effect outside of this nhood.

if I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying there’s an “electronic” passive ability? wut is it.

gets powered up when other people with the passive die, just ask them all to claim please.
It’s at least clem and chess atm.

it partitions the game in half since i suspect exactly one scum has it

why do you think exactly one scum has it

Me even breathing word of an electronic passive ability is really hard for me to do rn, -reasons snipped while I judge how much I can share with you-

my active ability is wut’s making this chat, not my passive.

makes design sense + the early levels benefit scum.

whats your passive?

There are 3 people total with my passive and we all know that we share the same passive.


there’s a group of 3 mediums, the passive is called “garage” since that’s were all the dead people go.


you do realize the uritst randed alignments after he passed out actives/passives, right?

so like why would you think 1 scum has electronic pass role?

does it say that somewhere LOL
I had no idea

it does say that in the op

haha didn’t read that
okay that changes things, gddit

le rip