UPick theme - Closed Setup

Alright a bit of a twist on the UPick format. People should in at the button at the top and then post their choice of a theme in the thread. The theme with the most likes by the time I decide to close signups will be the theme of the game.

Non bastard
No Mid game alignment changes
No Flipless reveals

Ancient Metallurgical Processes Mafia


Can you put deadlines/controversial mechanics that you may have/controversial mechanics that you definitely won’t have/etc. in the OP? It’s been a regular complaint from visitors that sign up OP’s are a bit vague on that front. We’ll be coding in some type of template with that sort of info soon.

I mean, closed setup, but sure I’m fine saying it’s non bastard, no mid game alignment changes, no flipless reveals

Three ins

1 theme

This is going well so far