Ultimate Strategy

Ultimate Strategy (16 Players)

Welcome to my amazing game! :slight_smile:
Make sure to follow the basic rules and make sure to have lots of fun! :slight_smile:

1 Tinkerer
1 Scout
1 Retributionist
3 Bleeders
5 Citizens
1 Diabolist
1 Consigliere
1 Yakuza
1 Goon
1 1 - Shot Double Survivor



You are align with Town

You have a Gun that can be used during the day. To use the Gun you type /Shoot (Player) this can be done Publicly or privately through PM.

You can shoot for however many bullets you have.

At the start of Day 1 You start with 1 Bullet.

Each night, When you aren’t visited by anyone, you gain 1 Bullet

When killed at night, the killer takes your gun. If you Gun contains 0 Bullets, it becomes 1 Bullet. However the Killer’s Name is revealed to the entire town.

If you get lynched, the first player who voted you receives your gun the following day. If that player is dead it will go in the next following order.


You are align with Town

During the night target someone.

If they were attacked, their attacker cannot attack the next night.

If they were the attacker, you will prevent their target from being killed.

You will not be aware if any of your actions succeed.


You are align with Town

During the night, choose a player.

If that player dies their role will show up as Soulbound.

If you die during the night, all Soulbound players will be revived.

If you get lynched, all Soulbound players will have their original roles revealed


You are align with Town

If you were to die at night, you will die at the end of the following day instead. (Retri gains priority over this, scout’s effect still activates with this)


You are align with Town

You have special no abilities


You are align with mafia.

During the night choose 2 Targets.

That first target cannot vote for the second target during the next day.

You have access to the mafia Factional Kill.


You are align with mafia.

During the night target a player and learn their role.

You have access to the mafia Factional Kill


You are align with mafia.

During the night you may choose a player.

If you do, you will die and that player will become a Mafia Goon.

You have access to the mafia Factional Kill


You are align with Mafia

You have no special abilities

You have access to the mafia Factional kill

1 - Shot Double Survivor

You are not aligned. You win as long as your alive at end game.

You can use an ability during the night.

You have 1 Vest.

You have 1 Night Shot.

The Vest protects you from all attacks during the night you use it.

If you use a Night Shot, Pick a Player and they will be dealt an attack.

(I’m too lazy to use Color! :stuck_out_tongue:
I may use it when handing out rolecards though. We will see)

Oh because I forgot.

**Day Phase is 72 Hours (3 Days)
Night Phase is 24 Hours (1 Day) **

The perfect game doesn’t exi-

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Just FYI I can’t start before Monday—if we get 17 by then I’ll happily drop and let 17th take my place tho

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I’ll just make EoD Tuesday instead of Monday.

I outed, I’ll /in again Sunday if it’s not at 16 yet. Don’t really want to play 2 days behind right from the get go.