Ultimate Strategy Scum Chat

Heres your chat to plot evil things!

howdy fellow scummies

correspondance town of salem and we still get maf! Huzzah!

Let’s have a good game and have some fun

So my only purpose in life is to die?

Sounds fun.

What is the role list? I can see the rolecards but that doesn’t add up to 13?

Bleeder - 3
Citizen - 5
1 Shot Double Survivor

so that is the role list?



dontcha just love games with 9 citizen claims

Everything is just so fun, right?


i’m coming from Town of Salem, seth DM advertised the whole server from what I can see, so i have a different perspective

if I’m going completely wack with my strategy let me know - in Town of Salem ballsy claims can work because of the short timescale (40 seconds to discuss + 30 to vote), does this still work in drawn out games like this?

the game only ends in a week or more

**Game Ends when either Mafia gains Majority or Mafia is all Eliminated **

I could be in a week you never know :laughing:

my man you cant be causing chaos they’ll know yer scum

and yes i know i’m slightly pushing you, it makes us look like we’re on opposite sides, so if one of us is caught, the other seems more legit

Just want to say. The Bussing is Funny LOL


In case you didn’t know this existed I have now pinged you to this!

I’m aware!

Well then it helps you then!

It will make you look like town even more and have us win anyway.