Two Towns

Future game I’m going to run sometime in the…future.

Two possibilities.

First is 8-10 players. 2 players have constant communication and are known to each other as same alignment (Group C). They know the alignment of the other 6-8 players as well. The other 6-8 players are split into two 3-4 player groups. Each group has a matching, mutually exclusive wincon (for example, Group A wins by killing Group B, Group B wins by killing Group A). Group C has a wincon mutually exclusive to Groups A and B.

Second possibility.

12 players. 2 groups of 2 (Groups C and D). 2 groups of 4 players (Groups A and B). A and B have mutually exclusive mirrored wincons, as above. Groups C and D have mutually inclusive wincons (for example, have at least one member alive at the end of the game).

Wincons for 12 player game would most likely be:

Group A: Eliminate Group B OR Eliminate the entirety of Groups C and D and outnumber Group B.

Group B: Eliminate Group A OR Eliminate the entirety of Groups C and D and outnumber Group A.

Group C: Wins at 1/1/1 A/B/C or 1/1/1/1 A/B/C/D. Also wins at 1/1/1 A/B/C or 1/1/1/2 A/B/C/D.

Group D: Wins at 1/1/1 A/B/D or 1/1/1/1 A/B/C/D. Also wins at 1/1/2 A/B/D or 1/1/1/2 A/B/C/D.

Still workshopping this because I *think* there's a breaking midgame strategy as is but I'm too tired to work it out all the way.

If the groups of 4 don’t know the people in their group, I don’t see how the towns could win.
If the groups of 4 do know, I don’t see how it would be fun/mafia. :confused:

I’m probably doing a game soon that has 2 town groups but they have the same ultimate wincon it’s more of gimmick

do you remember the Chaotic good / Lawful Evil + Lawful Good / Chaotic Evil setup in mafia scum. Was pretty interesting.

Not an MS’er—link?

Never click ms links

My eyes are burning but the setup isn’t bad