Trust Your Mentor (PreGame stage)

People Playing:
1.Josh (Eddie Cane)
2. NotMafia
3. Andres
4. Between the Lines (fferyllt and tn5421 hydra)
5. Riley Cake
6. Killthestory
7. Ellibereth
8. chessbaby3
9. parsec
10. screenplay
11. _fferyllt (muffins > cupcakes)
12. Neymar
13. Frozen Angel

Subs: Sheepsaysmeep

I have sent out all Role PMs, as a note, I realized partway through that I put the wrong game name in some topics, instead saying Meet your Mentor, this is just mod error but will not affect the game.

I will open this when everyone has confirmed (and send a link to everyone).

8/13 have currently confirmed.

I guess I need to find 5 replacements… I know @sheepsaysmeep said he’ll replace, so I’ll roll the slots that have not responded to Role PMs if you PM me. Otherwise, I’ll be checking the signup.

Sorry for delays to all.