Triple Tickle 2

The Triple Tickle 2:
(Copied the OP from the last one.)


5 Vanilla Townie

Upon Day 1 you will choose the priority of the 3 Killers from 1 to 3.
Priority 1 attacks first, then 2 attacks next then 3 attack next. If ones dead then they are skipped.
You can target someone each night and either Roleblock, Protect or Heart Rate them.
(Your choice)

Heart Rate - High or Low Result.
Low - Killer that doesn’t attack
High - Town or Attacking Killer

Killers take turns to attack and don’t win with each other.

The Killers are:

If all Killers are dead, Town Wins.
If there is only a Killer left, that Killer wins.
In a 1v1 scenario with a Killer and a Town, that Killer wins.
In a 1v1 scenario with Killer and Killer it is decided as follow:
Enforcer beats Instigator
Instigator beats Advisor
Advisor beats Enforcer

1 Overall KPN if that wasn’t clarified.

Last game I hosted 3 years ago went really well so I’m looking forward to hosting this again and I’ll ping the players that were a part of it that I know are still at least somewhat active.


Spak kinda stopped playing FM but I can contact him via Discord to see if he’s interested.
Idk about YBW but I can contact her via Discord same with Phone/Caitlin.
Don’t know about Sam or Benedict

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Also a thought I had.
Should I change the name from Advisor to Advocator?

Can I play?

Oh here’s my initial account

Yeah just click the “In”

Actually it’s called “vote” not “in” sorry.
Click the “vote” please.

Did it. Do you think it will be a while before this starts?