Transitioning away from using lynch - alternatives and implementation

it’s super hard to keep people from using in video

like, i know you mean the word ‘lync’ here, but this comes off as people literally cannot stop doing drugs even on video.

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People also cannot stop doing drugs on video tho


I’ve been thinking about it today and I agree with you in that the theme for the overall game is something that could be looked at. The mafia flavour isn’t really that compelling. People usually either ignore it completely or overwrite it with something much cooler for their game so there’s a lot we could do there.

Personally I’m partial to historical pirates - with mutineers instead of mafia, and voting to maroon. Some pirates at least seemed to be all about the democratic life so the voting mechanic makes a lot of sense for them. Pirates work just as well in space too! with jettisoning or ejecting instead of marooning.

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Since it is 451 maybe government vs book memorizer people flavor?

I have an idea, we can make it villager/werewolf. It’ll be revolutionary.


That’s as boring as cowboys…

Let’s not get into that one.

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how about execute order 66?

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I like it personally but too many thematic comparisons to hitler

This actually got me looking up some information on the first amendment and US law with regards to how it is applied online because everywhere you go on the Internet, there is some American shouting about his first amendment rights.

It seems that it’s one of the most common misunderstandings in the United States about the law.

The first amendment should not be viewed as a right of the people, it should be viewed as a negative right of the government. So, basically, it impedes the government from interfering with freedom of speech, but it doesn’t defend you against other private entities preventing, moderating or censoring that speech.

The first amendment also doesn’t protect the American people from the repercussions of their statements. Basically, you are liable for any text/speech that you express both legally and socially.

As for websites, there was a legal ruling that held websites liable for all content on their websites if they moderated and/or censored content… Which lead to section 230 being added (I don’t know the year) which basically allows websites to moderate and/or censor their content without taking liability for the content on the website.

So yeah, for all you Americans who shout about your first amendment rights everywhere, from a legal standpoint, the first amendment is a right that applies negatively to the government, not a right that applies protection to the individual per say.


i.e. The President of the United States can’t use his position to take action against entities like Twitter when they censor his posts, but he can seek a civil lawsuit as a citizen against Twitter if he thought there were grounds for it because Twitter is considered to have authored the censorship itself.

So basically, if a site hosts a message when they moderate a word on the website, you could have a gripe with that and how it is a personal attack against you, but there is nothing actually protecting the use of said word. So, if a site decides to just replace a word, they are liable for the content that they replaced in, but that’s it, the act of censorship is common on the Internet and sites that aren’t censored have a negative reputation…

I think that this is a wonderful idea. I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

if we were going for hitler comparisons wouldn’t it be execute order 88?

I mean that’s what George Lucas based it on

say what now :unamused:

I will not tolerate this cowboy slander

Cowboys ride cows off into the sunset

Maybe we can use the word “Ghost” for DKDK?