Transitioning away from using lynch - alternatives and implementation

also i cant talk about my favorite director, david execute

Yeah but those sites suck

Sudden death omfg

final is perfect

Don’t fuck up o’clock

Liars club?

Key literally showed you that L doesn’t fit your theme either


I thought last season they didn’t allow lync

I think they tried to not have hosts use it but it’s super hard to keep people from using in video.

it’s super hard to keep people from using in video

like, i know you mean the word ‘lync’ here, but this comes off as people literally cannot stop doing drugs even on video.

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People also cannot stop doing drugs on video tho


I’ve been thinking about it today and I agree with you in that the theme for the overall game is something that could be looked at. The mafia flavour isn’t really that compelling. People usually either ignore it completely or overwrite it with something much cooler for their game so there’s a lot we could do there.

Personally I’m partial to historical pirates - with mutineers instead of mafia, and voting to maroon. Some pirates at least seemed to be all about the democratic life so the voting mechanic makes a lot of sense for them. Pirates work just as well in space too! with jettisoning or ejecting instead of marooning.

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Since it is 451 maybe government vs book memorizer people flavor?

I have an idea, we can make it villager/werewolf. It’ll be revolutionary.


That’s as boring as cowboys…

Let’s not get into that one.

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how about execute order 66?

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I like it personally but too many thematic comparisons to hitler