Three rooms and a DOOM Game Thread


9 participants. 7 plain old Townie McTownsons, 1 Mafia Demolitionist, and 1 Mafia Goon.

3 Rooms. conveniently labeled X, Y, and Z!

Before the start of the game, the Mafia Demolitionist will be selecting one room to plant a bomb in. ‘What does that do?’ you may be wondering. Well no surprise, it will eventually kill you if you’re in that room by the end of the day. And some of you will be sure to die. Only the Mafia Demolitionist will know where the bomb is. Sadly the Goon will be as clueless as the rest of you… which means Mafia won’t get to privately communicate to each other until “Day 2” (but I will inform them who their partner is).

During “Day 1” there is no traditional voting and you all can freely move into any one room you wish, at any time, using the ##MOVE: command provided the maximum occupancy of 3 is not exceeded. Once you have selected your room, you may not move again. Also as soon as you move, you CANNOT post in the main thread until “Day 2”. I will, however, set up a private chat for each room. If you have not selected a room by deadline (3 days), you will be expelled from the game, and this will make me sad. (also your alignment won’t flip).

As soon as the last person moves to a room, the bomb triggers, and everyone in the room with the bomb immediately dies. None will flip until the debris is cleared on “Day 2”.

For those that didn’t die horribly in a fiery explosion, you get to survive to see “Night 1” where you’ll vote out someone in your room to expel from the game with the ##EXPEL: X command! Or not! It’s up to you really, majority rules.

On “Day 2” all the dead and expelled’s flips will be revealed to those left in the game and you’ll all exit your rooms. From there, you may ##VOTE to remove a player from the game normally with plurality voting rules. In the event of a tie (or no votes at all) the Mafia will choose who dies. From there we move to “Night 2” where the Mafia gets to make a kill like normal. and so on and so on.

Sample Town Role Pm

Hello and welcome to Three rooms and a DOOM mafia, XXXX!

You are a Townie McTownson.

You win when all the mafia have left the game.

I’ll be sending out Role Pms shortly. Please confirm by replying to your role pm. The game will start once everyone has confirmed.

All role Pms are out (and have been for a while). Game will start once all confirm.

Currently we are at 8/9.

We are at 9 confirms.

Game begins! Deadline in say 3.5 days

Remember you can talk and only MOVE once. once you do that, you can not move again and you will not be permitted to talk in this thread.

Good luck!



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Move Y

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How fun is still being able to talk

I think gtacc and nanook aren’t mafia together

I also think expelling anyone during the room voting is not good for town

well maybe 1 expell and 1 not expell

##Move Z

Move z

Okay so I was gonna say that insta moving is a scumclaim but


day is over, lets see what happens


Oh Boy! you all sure move fast!


X - 3 slots still open!

Y - Gtacc, Nanook, NotMafia

Z - Breshke, Srceenplay, Chesskid

Still shuffling around the main lobby: Andrés, Ellibereth, Jake

Only room X is available to move into for the rest of the players, but the remainder can move at their leisure and until they do so, they are free to talk here.

Okay well, I think we know which room will blow up.

Also Elli is obviously Town, and the Mafia decided that blowing him up was more important than hiding their true alignment, I would think.

Let’s see if I get this right. I think one of {GTacc, Nanook} is Scum. I would guess that GTacc is more likely to be Scum purely based on the fact that they picked first.