Three rooms and a DOOM 2 Game thread


All credits to @ActionDan

9 participants. 7 plain old Townie McTownsons, 1 Mafia Demolitionist, and 1 Mafia Goon.

3 Rooms. conveniently labeled X, Y, and Z! (I said ABC in sign up thread but we will use XYZ)

Before the start of the game, the Mafia Demolitionist will be selecting one room to plant a bomb in. ‘What does that do?’ you may be wondering. Well no surprise, it will eventually kill you if you’re in that room by the end of the day. And some of you will be sure to die. Only the Mafia Demolitionist will know where the bomb is. Sadly the Goon will be as clueless as the rest of you… which means Mafia won’t get to privately communicate to each other until “Day 2” (but I will inform them who their partner is).

During “Day 1” there is no traditional voting and you all can freely move into any one room you wish, at any time, using the ##MOVE: command provided the maximum occupancy of 3 is not exceeded. Once you have selected your room, you may not move again. Also as soon as you move, you CANNOT post in the main thread until “Day 2”. I will, however, set up a private chat for each room. If you have not selected a room by deadline (3 days), you will be expelled from the game, and this will make me sad. (also your alignment won’t flip).

As soon as the last person moves to a room, the bomb triggers, and everyone in the room with the bomb immediately dies. None will flip until the debris is cleared on “Day 2”.

For those that didn’t die horribly in a fiery explosion, you get to survive to see “Night 1” where you’ll vote out someone in your room to expel from the game with the ##EXPEL: X command! Or not! It’s up to you really, majority rules.

On “Day 2” all the dead and expelled’s flips will be revealed to those left in the game and you’ll all exit your rooms. From there, you may ##VOTE to remove a player from the game normally with plurality voting rules. In the event of a tie (or no votes at all) the Mafia will choose who dies. From there we move to “Night 2” where the Mafia gets to make a kill like normal. and so on and so on.

Sample Town Role Pm

Hello and welcome to Three rooms and a DOOM mafia, [Name]!

You are a Townie McTownson.

You win when all the mafia have left the game.

I’ll be sending out Role Pms shortly. Please confirm by replying to your role pm. The game will start once everyone has confirmed.

All role Pms are out (and have been for a while). Game will start once all confirm.

Once game starts please do not discuss anything about role PM’s on game thread, and please note that this game is friendly.

And also there is a twist, at the end of the game there will be a “GTacc Award”. While this doesn’t effect if you win the game or not, it will still give you the glory you want by making you my favourite. The person who say “DKDK” most will win this award. Well maybe I will give it to something else if I think making you my favourite player will cause problems but it is person with most “DKDK”

Ok, I am afraid of people spamming the thread to be my favourite so that award is not a thing… officially, but in my mind it is still a thing.
Also spamming is against the rules please just play the game


Game begins! Deadline in 3 days

Remember you can talk and only MOVE once. once you do that, you can not move again and you will not be permitted to talk in this thread.

Good luck!


You will do threesome love (not sexual, just human beings being in love with others’ humanity) in rooms but in a room Love Bomb is hidden! Which room will you pick?

I signed up for an action movie not a soft core skinemax flick heckin bamboozled

@GTaccwhat are the room names?

If you have question please ask privately

But for this time, room names are on first post: X , Y , and Z

##move Z

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Ok 1 person in room Z you can’t speak now

Hello everyone.

First things first.

Jam or chutney?

Theory: Srceenplay was playing dumb and actually knew the room names, but was demolitionist.


but I like jam on toast. Unless it is part of a plate of charcuterie.

screenplay’s move is NAI.

Actually Srceenplay is probably not the mafia demolitionist if that move meant anything.

Not a big chutney fan so gotta be jam for me

How so?

demolitionist has the luxury of waiting to do anything. Srceenplay’s play as goon however was not risk adverse.

Has the site performance been questionable for anyone else or is it just me?

Slightly disagree.

In my mind optimally demolistionist moves early enough that goon can follow meaning goon waits for demolitionist to move