Thread Of The Dead: Electoral College

Hey Deads!


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@MetalSonic i’m sorry for killing you, pls forgive me


that was beautiful urist

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Thanks for liberating me from the game.

As the great POTUS#1 Abrakadabra Linken once said, “Give me liberty and give me death!”

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Lol Seth needs to learn how to claim vanilla


I think Seth is just dead here yeah?

Like, green check on ActionDan… Elli and Nanook both flipping mafia from the college…

Idk why Seth would ever claim something when it was abundantly clear that none of the normal citizens had an inherent role :woman_shrugging:


In fairness, I think mafia loses 95% of the time after the day 1 lynch (apparently GTacc softed a red on Andres?)… idk, I feel like if anything, Seth should have claimed a check on someone so that Nanook could come in and be like, I gave a cop.

Or just outright claim a red Day 1 after you see someone received a cop check and then day 2 be like LOL that was a read, I didn’t actually have a red.

I guess, there were a lot of plays that could have been made that just… weren’t made.

So uh Seth Mafia.

I didn’t do shit N1. I had a N0 cop.

Oh yeah, another thing is it was also basically outing when Seth said that he didn’t know who he voted for for the Presidency… Because Andres suggested they vote Urist due to the possibility of assassination, so Seth technically voted to kill Urist while Andres voted Urist for president, and I basically just counted them as two presidential votes.

Like, the only world where you can be unsure is if your vote is tied to someone else in some way :man_shrugging: i.e. team mafia