This game will last at most (a little over) 2 weeks

This is an experiment!

The Game:

  • Closed 5 Town 2 Mafia setup.
  • Once 14 real life days pass during the dayphase Mafia wins.
  • 1 day nights. These do not count towards the 14 day counter.
  • Majority needed to lynch.
  • Any time after a hammer and before a threadlock does not count towards the counter. Please do tag @Ellibereth if you think there was a hammer though.

Player requirements:

  • Please be able to post AT LEAST ONCE per real life day.
  • Please make sure you won’t have low activity periods over the 2 weeks - it kinda doesn’t work if someone has to replace out or go on a limited access period.


I like this idea. A lot.



in for now

I know I said I would not play majority lynch again.
But with a deadline that will make it more acceptable.
Also I guess I will continue to try to learn to like it.

Or play solely Nanook games, that use exclusively the far superior plurality lynch rules.

I know, Sweet, but you aren’t running that many games.

Yeah, I like to run one at a time!


out sry

getting a bit overgamed ish

I c u sssheeppp

What is activity like here? How many posts D1?

I’d say the activity is a little lower than current typical ms games. The infinite page seems to discourage hyperposting, though a few people are up for that challenge.

We’re also pretty experimental with game day lengths.

Being experimental with Phase length is probably a good thing. How many posts per 24 hours?

Depends on the player list size, but I think the game with the most posts so far (a 13 player) had around 2000 posts and lasted about 5 game days (the day length was 5 calendar days - I think). I should know more exactly since I modded it…