This Game Is Ruining My Life Mafia

Literally everything you hate about mafia.

If I get 7+, I will run this piece of shit.

How is there instantly an /in for this? LOL

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Wut if I told you the biggest thing I hated about mafia was when I (talking about me specifically, not a hypothetical, as in Doggo has to be the one to get this) roll an extremely OP role that overpowers all of the other player’s roles? Like such an OP role that it’s not even fair to the other players and that it just instantly sucks all of the fun out of the game for me since I have everything solved ever and the game just becomes so so so boring.

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Thats the fucking worst thing, I considered leaving because you gave the idea to star

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Mountainous but there’s a Jester and survivor and both town, mafia and survivor are suicidal

Wait, I don’t get the premise

StarV is gonna play in his own game?

the thing i hate most about mafia is when a setup i want to play doesn’t fill, will that be included here?


It may be…

I hate precisely the opposite of what Urist hates.

Trolls who can’t take it are called children

Hmm sign up and see what awaits. This game is going to be terrible.

This is going to be a terrible night game…


Is it wise to sign up for this?


@StarV will you be creative in trolling me? Most of the time people aren’t.

oh god, he’s going to troll me in the most boring way possible now


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Game is full, I will be designing the roles and handing out role PMs shortly.

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We have 6 people tho.

This really salts my apples

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We have 9.

Are you more or less salty now?

Those 9 more that joined aren’t people.