The *OFFICIAL* WIFOM 1v1 Tournament (Signups)






Okay so theres some interest.

We need what, at least 8 people for a tournament


if you post in here youre in btw :3


There’s an in button now!
Go to the OP. :slight_smile:

Omg thats really cool

Why did everybody stop joining games?

Maybe the 1v1 tournament style isn’t interesting enough for people

How about we go crazy and everyone can pregame pick a poison immunity out of like 5 poison types

And then the poisoner can poison 1 glass with 1 kind of poison

Will this ever get off the ground? Seems cool.

We need at the least 8 people- currently there are two

I’m only counting the people who in using the button since the signups began so long ago

bump since we got a new in

Heyy are you advertising our forum at smogon gj

not really? I just rep 451 now so people recognize