The Great Nanook Semi-Invitational

The first Great Nanook Semi-Invitational is almost upon us!

What the heck is this:

A mafia game, hosted by yours truly, aimed at bringing together players from several different communities in a single game of my own design.

Why the heck is this:

Because I want to run a game and neither of the places I normally play typically has enough interest in a setup of the size I’m going for.

Where the heck is this:

The game will be played on, I encourage anyone interested to sign up there ahead of time. I will ping people on discord before the game start too, as I’m aware it can be annoying to track a new site before the game starts.

What’s the setup:

I’m still determining how much of it to make public, but it will be fun and not overly complex, I promise!

What does semi-invitational mean:

Basically it means that if the number of interested players gets too high I might divert some of you into a secondary (also super fun!) game. If you sign up please don’t flake.

Signups will stay open for 1-3 weeks depending on interest, and we’ll start soon after that.


@m2h get back here you coward

:O. Is this going to be a mash tho because I don’t like super large games?

Naw probably gonna cap around 17-20, if enough overflow I’ll just run a second game

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Oh man, how did I end up here lol.

Also just wanted to make a post to see how it be here.


Ahh, so that’s how it be.

I Fatmo’d you into this lol

Everyone new should feel free to use this thread to get used to the site and ask any questions they have!

Is there a way to quote just part of someone’s post? I see the things to reply to certain posts or link other posts, but can you just quote parts?


Highlight then click quote

Ohh cool.

I will probably be buried under a pile of hydras

there will be no hydras

and we don’t do subs here either :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s talking about a different game

But yeah no hydras and no alts in this game, kinda defeats the purpose lol

Elli is correct that we don’t really do subs, but feel free to jump in even if you’re on the busier side!

how did NEITHER of you post it?

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I was leaving it for you bb

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I never actually watched marvel movies

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