The Grand Spellbook Tower

Guccy is the Dark Magician representing Dark Magicians
Frozen Angel is the High Priestest of Prophecy representing Prophecy and Spellbooks

Dark Magician is confrimed ot have access to Frozen Angel’s spellbooks

Ha its like ur our spell slave



I’m trying to understand whats going on but this is just so much for me without coffee -.-

What is a spellbook and how to use cards

and why you can see my spells?

Because we are dark magician :slight_smile:

I’m also very confused LOL


I just figured mafia 451 has a dark theme too

Are you a hydra

is this the mafia pt?



Tfw ur hydra buddy tries to int scumslip

just open that 3 bar thing in top right

there is an option for light/dark theme!

I need to make a certain amount of spells happen per day to activate certain abilities that are extremly important. Currently writing down all possible combinations and no matter how I put this together I don’t have enough spells that I can use that can allow me to cast more spell per day

I’m trying to understand why would I end up in a neighborhood with another spell caster who knows my spells. Can you elaborate a little how can you interact with my spells?

We are the master of all mages bow to us


this needs a shifty emote

The hell