The Forging of the Rings - Signups

In the Second Age of Middle-Earth, more than a millennium after the defeat of the Dark Lord Morgoth, a beautiful creature by the name of Annatar (meaning “Lord of Gifts”) came to the elves and offered his aid in crafting a set of powerful magical artifacts. Together with the elf Celebrimbor, Annatar created sixteen rings. The elves, despite warnings from those who had witnessed the rise and fall of Morgoth, greedily accepted these gifts.
But they were, all of them, deceived. Annatar was secretly a disguise for Morgoth’s most trusted lieutenant, Sauron, who now sought to lay claim to Middle-Earth in his master’s stead. In secret, Sauron created one final ring. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

In this game, players will play the roles of elves who have recently received a number of magic Rings. However, it has become clear that Sauron has made another ring in secret, and intends to use this ring to control the other ringbearers. Fortunately, you were able to avoid falling under Sauron’s control. Unfortunately, he has now sent agents to reclaim what is rightfully his…

  • Each player has at least one passive ability that doesn’t rely on whether or not they possess a Ring. Each player also starts with at least one Ring.
  • Each Ring grants at least one night action. If you possess many rings, you may be able to take many actions at once.
  • During the night, you may choose to give any number of your Rings to any number of other players. You may still use the Ring as normal that night, and the player will receive it that morning.
  • The more often you use a particular Ring, the more it corrupts you. In other words, hoarding Rings may not be beneficial.
  • If a player is killed, their killer takes any Rings they possessed. If a player is lynched, the player’s Rings are taken by the last person to vote for that player.

I’ll take any number of signups. If more than 19 people sign up, some just won’t start with rings. Everything else is standard, 72h/24h.


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Does anyone have preferences regarding #friendly vs others?

The ents are your friends

#friendly please. The default untagged game is going to be a slightly looser version of it soon anyways.

@Key I think there might be some sort of patriotic obligation to join?


I am on nobody’s side

You don’t have to take sides to be friends jeez


I am reasonably close to Mount Doom…

I’ll think about it

I’d prefer #friendly as well

#friendly it is

I’ll only play if it’s also #nohobbits

Elves rule dwarves drool

We don’t need any sneaky hobbitses around here.

@Ellibereth @chesskid3 @ActionDan @Andresvmb @Nanook @Tommy2Hands
Game is now #friendly, if you’re not ok with that then /out now or forever hold your peace.

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that is your opinion yes

Okay now I have to join

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I can hold my pee but not forever